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KNORR Italiana Napolitana Sauce GF 1.95kg

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KNORR Italiana Napolitana Sauce GF 1.95kg
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Cuean code 9300830018178
Packaging 6 x 1.95 kg
Container 1.95 kg
Ingredients Tomatoes (95%) (Puree, Diced, Crushed), Sugar, Onions, Salt, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Herbs, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Spices.
Properties Wet cook-in sauce for pasta and as a base for a variety of dishes such as pizzas, braised dishes, burgers, wraps, jacket potatoes.
Preparation Sauce can be heated on the stove, in a microwave, conventional or combination oven.
Yield Servings per pack- 25 Servings. Serving size - 78 g.
Storage Can be held in a bain marie for up to four hours stirring occasionally. KNORR Napolitana Sauce is freeze thaw and bain marie stable. Refrigerate after opening for up to 5 days or freeze.
Shelf Life After Opening : 5 day(s), Refrigerate after opening or freeze. Unopened : 24 month(s).
Convenience Ready to use.
Benefits Gluten free. Made with tomato, basil & onion. Sauces are easy to use as no preparation is required and no ingredients to add. Saves time and provides cost and portion control. Perfect for low skilled kitchens or for Chefs who don't have time to cook from scratch. Also ideal for Chefs who want to add their own creativity. A flavour to suit every menu and taste. Consistent quality and taste every time. Bain-marie stable, perfect for long service. Re-sealable jug.
Allergens Made on equipment that also processes products containing peanut, almond, sesame, fish and crustacea.
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