Found yourself with quality surplus food? OzHarvest will take it to those that really need it.

To the people that OzHarvest help, receiving donated food is incredibly important.

Here is how it works

Sign up to donate food today. We'll send your details to OzHarvest and they'll get in touch.

OzHarvest will collect your food with a refrigerated van.

They will sort and label it, and determine which charity would benefit the most from it.

Someone in need will feel the love!


Worried that food might spoil when it's left your kitchen?

Don't fret, food safety is their priority. OzHarvest collects and delivers your food all on the same day and all transport is refrigerated. Each of OzHarvest's yellow army of drivers are all also trained in food safety handling.

OzHarvest operates within the food handling guidelines of the Health Departments and in strict compliance with all applicable legislation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OzHarvest? OzHarvest is the first perishable food rescue organization in Australia that collects quality excess food from commercial outlets and deliver it to charities. But that’s not all, we have a range of other programs around our pillars of Rescue, Educate, Engage and Innovate.

What food can OzHarvest collect? We can collect almost anything suitable for human consumption, as long as it’s food safe. Fruit and vegetables, meat, cooked meals and prepacked vacuum items, dry goods, cakes and baked goods, drinks, dairy and eggs.

What food can’t OzHarvest collect? High risk foods (including shellfish and cooked rice), anything containing alcohol and food prepared by a non-certified person. Bread is also a challenge to re-distribute due to huge wastage volumes in Australia. For this reason, we’re currently at capacity taking bread donations.

What packaging should I use to donate food? All our vans carry re-usable food safe containers that we can repack perishable items into.

Can OzHarvest take food past “use by” dates? No. Unfortunately this is no longer food safe. However, some meats can be frozen on this date and remain food safe.

Can OzHarvest take food past “best before” dates? Yes! We can collect certain foods past the best before dates, if the food is still in good condition and food safe. Generally, three months past is a safe rule, however please call to discuss.

Can OzHarvest collect from private households? No. Unfortunately there are food safety complications around this, and OzHarvest is not set up logistically to collect from households.

What is my obligation re food safety laws? You basically need to ensure the food has been prepared and handled within food safety guidelines, however we recommend you look up your state legislation for more information.

Are your vans refrigerated? Yes. All OzHarvest vans are rolling fridges (not freezers though).

Is there a cost? No. Our service is completely free. All the agencies we deliver to across Australia have also committed to provide this food free of charge to their clients.

Can OzHarvest provide receipts for food donated? Yes. We can provide a food donation receipt with the quantity of food rescued upon request, but not the value.

Making a difference is quick, easy and free so donate food today.


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